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The OKC Dentist: Why you should floss

The OKC Dentist explains why flossing is important

Everyone knows that flossing is one of the best ways to maintaining oral health. Every time we go to the dentist, most of us get a disappointed look from our dentist and a reminder to floss more. We always hear that we should floss, but what does flossing actually do? Well, the OKC dentist is here to lay down why you should floss.

Plaque acts quickly: Plaque is a major contributor to tooth decay. Just a few days of not flossing can allow the plaque to solidify and stick to you teeth. Once plaque solidifies, it can’t be removed except by a professional cleaning. However, flossing daily can clear away the plaque before it has a chance to solidify.

Good for Oral and Overall Health: You body is more interconnected than you might think. Poor health in one area can lead to poor health in other areas as well. If your not taking care of your teeth it can lead to problems all throughout your body. Gum disease has been linked to a host of other diseases such as: Heart Disease, Stroke, Arthritis, and even respiratory disease. Good oral health is critical to good overall health.

Your Gums will stop bleeding: Don’t like flossing because it cuts your gums? It might not seem like it, but flossing actually reduces the amount of bleeding in your gums. When you floss, your clearing away the bacteria in your gumline. Since there’s less bacteria in your gums, it also means your body won’t send as many red blood cells to the area to fight off potential infections. Fewer red blood cells means fewer bleeding gums!

While flossing is key to maintaining good oral health, it still isn’t a total replacement for regular dental visits. If it’s time for you to visit the dentist,  schedule an appointment with The OKC dentist by clicking here