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OKC Dentist: Food to eat for healthy teeth

The OKC Dentist lays out the best foods for your teeth

We all know a healthy and balanced diet is key to a healthy life. We eat some foods to promote healthy digestion, some to promote strong bones, and others to promote energy. But have your ever thought about what foods you should eat to keep your teeth healthy? Well, the OKC Dentist is here today to talk about some of the best foods you can eat to keep those teeth healthy and strong.

Apples: An apple a day won’t keep the dentist away, but it can help keep your mouth clean! While the ADA does recommend avoiding most sweet foods, they’re are exceptions like certain fruits. Apples in particular may have sugar, but they’re also high in fiber and water. Apples also have a fibrous texture that stimulates the gums. The act of eating an apple also stimulate saliva production. While it’s no replacement for brushing, finishing off your lunch with an apple can tide you over until you can brush.

Almonds: Almonds are loaded with calcium and protein while also being low in sugar. Having a quarter of a cup at lunch for the maximum benefit. Almonds also make a great addition to a variety of dishes.

Carrots: Much like apples, carrots have a crunchy texture and are loaded with fiber. Eating a handful of carrots encourages saliva production the same way eating an apple does. Carrots also have the added benefit of not being high in calories or sugars like an apple can be. Carrots are also a great source of Vitamin A in addition to fiber. Top a salad with a few diced carrots.

Of course, even with all these foods it’s still important to visit your dentist regularly. Call Pinnacle Dental, OKC Dentist, today and schedule an appointment at 405-622-5612!