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Dentist OKC: The Advantage Of Digital X-Rays Vs. Film X-Rays

Dentist OKC: Digital X-Rays Have Become The Norm 

These days when people hear the word “x-ray” they automatically know what our dentist in OKC  is talking about, but if you haven’t had x-rays completed in a quite a while you may not be familiar with the new, digital form. Our dentist in OKC and staff have an explanation to get you caught up on the subject. We’re talking a little bit about the two types of x-rays to help you have a better understanding why digital x-rays have truly become such an advantage.

Film x-rays

The film x-ray dates all the way back to 1895 when it was discovered by a German physicist by the name of Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen. Like old film from a camera, the x-ray film would have to be treated in a darkroom. This is why it would often take a longer period of time before doctors were able to obtain the results. It’s a slow process and for dentistry it’s just a bit outdated.

Digital x-rays

The new, digital x-rays came around in 1987 when an inventor in France, Dr. Francis Mouyen, brought the technology to life in a radiography system called RadioVisioGraphy. Since then technology has made leaps and bounds to bring us to the x-rays our dentist in OKC uses, today. What’s so wonderful about utilizing the new method is that patients no longer have to wait hours or days to receive information. The images are almost instantaneously transmitted to a monitor for the dentist to view. This is why digital x-rays have become the norm.

What is means is that you get to spend much less time at your appointment. In addition, having instant photo documentation, in a computer, of your teeth means that our dentist in OKC doesn’t have to maintain bulky storage files and your information is kept safer! Our dentist in OKC values your time and privacy; therefore, we are more than happy to use the faster, safer digital x-ray option.

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Dentist OKC- Back To School

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