Dentist OKC- Back To School

Pinnacle Dental’s New Referral Program For Back to School!

Announcing Our New Referral Program

Pinnacle Dental is here announcing an exciting new referral program! Are you a student? Do you have a teacher you feel deserves 500 dollars? Learn how you can enter your favorite teacher for a chance to win 500 dollars and score a $10 Amazon Gift card for yourself. All you need to be is a student with a favorite teacher!

More Details

To qualify, all you have to be is a student. This can be at any level of education, from Kindergarten to Graduate School! If you’re currently a student you can enter a teacher you feel deserves a little extra for the work that they do. To enter a teacher, simply visit our OKC location and have any kind of dental work done. The work could be a Dental X-Ray, fitting for a Night Guard, taking care of a cavity with one of our Resin fillings, or even getting a crown or veneer work.

After your appointment, you’ll get to enter your favorite teacher in our drawing and get a free $10 Amazon Gift Card for yourself.  The $500 drawing will be held in September. That’s $500 that your favorite teacher can use to get the supplies they need to continue teaching the same way that made them your favorite in the first place! This doesn’t have to be a teacher you currently have; one you’ve had in the past can also be entered as long as they are still teaching.

Get yourself the supplies you need to make the grade while giving one of your favorite teachers the chance to win $500 for them to use. Teachers need supplies too and $500 buys a lot of supplies! Show your favorite teacher how much you appreciate their efforts by giving the chance to win!

Go “back to school” with a clean, healthy smile and some extra supplies in your book bag. Call today to set up an appointment with our OKC Location at 405-622-5612!