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The OKC Dentist: Three Reasons for Using Your Year-End Benefits

See the OKC dentist and take advantage of your dental benefits

As the year comes quickly to an end many people will be losing out on their unused dental benefits. Will you be one of those people? Every year the insurance industry counts on people to not use all of the benefits they pay for. It would be similar to taking a wad of money out of your pocket and throwing it in the trash. So here are three reasons to visit the dentist before the year ends.

1.) Benefits will not roll over:  Most dental insurance plans end each year on December 31st, however, there are a few that operate on a fiscal year. Make sure to check which plan you have before you schedule your year-end appointments. Even if you dental plans ends on a fiscal year this advice can still apply. Most dental insurance programs have a maximum cap that you can use per person within your family. If you haven’t utilized all of your deductible your insurance company won’t roll those benefits over to the next year. Having unspent benefits is just losing something you’ve already paid for.

2.) Paid off your deductible: If you’ve already paid your insurance deductible for this year then dental work that you receive for the remainder of the year will not require a new deductible payment. Make sure that you’re taking advantage of this and schedule your end of year visits, with the new year, comes a new deductible payment.

3.) No wasted benefits: Services that you receive at the OKC Dentist like screenings, x-rays, and cleanings can all be covered by dental insurance if you’ve paid the premiums. If you’ve already done so then why wouldn’t you use what you’ve already paid for?

Procrastination may be easier up front by when you wait to take advantage of your dental insurance you create the risk of needing more extensive dental treatments later. We hope that you’ll schedule your appointment with your OKC Dentist here at Pinnacle Dental.